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3D Asset Details for footprintDisplacement

by milo
Footprint Pipeline: - Footprint Displacement ============================================ The footprint Displacement is the third digital asset, part of three to help you create great footprints in houdini. Overview: --------- This digital asset, takes footprint maps generated with the footprint map generator and deforms input geometry The deformer can be used to create - depressions - ridges The maps don't rely on UV's but use projection matrices stored internally in the maps to align them in world space. the advantage of this workflow compared to SOP/DOP geometry methods is: - the footprints are cached to disk as images, - low resolution geometry can be used. - UV independent Other Nodes in this family: --------------------------- The are two other assets in the footprint pipeline collection: ### Footprint Map generator: A tool for generating footprint maps (depth maps with internal matrices) **Note:** separate asset download currently required ### Footprint Displacement A basic Deformer matching the Displacement, but at a lower quality , really only to be used as a visulisation tool or for other **Note:** separate asset download currently required
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  • Version 2 -April 10, 2013

    updated so no longer embeded, cleaned up the UI

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