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3D Asset Details for Footprint Map Generator

Footprint Map Generator
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by milo
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Footprint Pipeline: - Map Generator

The footprint Generator is the first digital asset, part of three to help you create great footprints in houdini.


this digital asset, generates the maps that can then be used in a deformer or displacement shader


The maps out put from this object level asset can create maps that hold: - depression
- ridges

The maps don't rely on UV's but use projection matrices stored internally in the maps to allign them in world space.

the advantage of this workflow compared to SOP/DOP geometry methods is: - the footprints are cached to disk as images, - low resolution geometry can be used. - UV independent

Other Nodes in this family:

Once the maps are generated use the other two assets in the footprint pipeline collection

Footprint Deformer

download and use the deformer to pre-vis footprint depth and ridges, with adaptive upresing and colour visualisation

Note: separate asset download currently required

Footprint Displacement

  • a basic shader matching the deformer, but at a higher quality, for use at rendertime

Note: separate asset download currently required

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