Why smart assets?

Do what you want.

Look at this nice, round sphere. It's quite nice.

But what if we need something a bit different? Or we need several variations of a nice sphere? Now we have a problem: this sphere isn't procedural, it isn't customizable and it isn't an asset. All we can do is look at it, and that's unacceptable.

Let's try out a few of Orbolt's smart 3D assets and show how we really feel.

Destroy it.

Using Houdini's dynamics and our very own Bullet Impacts asset, we can insert numerous bullet holes that eject plenty of dust and debris.

Zap it.

Not content with destruction, we resort to our trusty Electric Gun asset to transmit 40,000 figurative volts into the poor sphere.

As an added touch, smoke generated with Houdini's Pyro let's us know when we've hit the singe-zone.  

Set it on fire.

Beyond smoke, Houdini's Pyro excels in all sorts of heat-based emissions. True to it's name, Pyro is realistic enough to be a safe, satisfying alternative for any recovering pyromaniac.

With the Flamethrower asset, you don't have to worry about expensive propane or bulky shoulder straps. We give the sphere a light roasting.

We even had to restrain ourselves with Pyro because of its versatility. We could have shot it with Fire Arrows, incinerated it with Jet Exhaust, or just blown it to smithereens with an old fashioned Nuke. And if our current arsenal is lacking, you could always add your own.  

Make it sad.

Master fluids: rivers, waterfalls, oceans, splashes, rain and maybe even tears.
Let's use the Rain asset to extinguish the fire and the hopes of our little sphere.  

Watch it.

Render your creation (or destruction) with Houdini's Mantra. The same renderer used by major studios in feature films to blow up really big things, start lots of fires, and make people happy (not sad) in the process.

Get started right now. Download Houdini Apprentice for free.



Sorry, sphere.

Then load it into other Digital Content Creation applications for your convenience such as Maya® and Unity® editor!