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Asset Request Contest!!

With introduction of Houdini Indie and Houdini Engine Indie, digital assets are becoming one of the main conduits in easily sharing Houdini procedural workflow and it's features.. now at a great price! With the Houdini Engine users can share their work not just between other Houdini users but also with users of other DCC applications.

Orbolt provides a central hub for Houdini digital assets. We have gathered a varied collection but we want to hear from you.. the users! What assets are you looking for? What are some ideas that you wish were made into assets? This could be anything from a PyroFX explosion to a Houdini Engine asset that lets you create a procedural modeling effect in Maya. We have added an area on Orbolt where you can submit your asset requests and vote/comment on others.

Our Indie contest rules are simple.. submit an idea for a digital asset and win!. That's it! All you have to do is make a request for an asset that you would find fun or super useful. The winner will be the asset request that gets highest number of votes from other users. Grand prize will be Houdini Indie! The contest will run until end of September so you have plenty of time to think about the next ultimate Houdini Digital Asset.

Click to submit your asset request!

Good luck everyone!!

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Houdini Indie Released

Side Effects Software has launched Houdini Indie, a $199/year version of Houdini that contains all of the animation and VFX tools and is available under a limited commercial license to independent animators and game makers. As well, they have launched an Indie version of Houdini Engine, a $99/year version of Houdini Engine available for limited commercial use.

Houdini Engine Indie provides an inexpensive way to make Orbolt assets available to Houdini, Maya, and Unity users for limited commercial use, as well as to Cinema 4D, 3D Studio Max, Unreal Engine, and other tools in the future.

Houdini Indie and Houdini Engine Indie will both use a new limited-commercial file format for digital assets. Orbolt will soon support this file format, both for uploading and downloading assets.

The full details are available here.

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Maya Orbolt Browser!!

With advent of Houdini Engine, assets created in Houdini can be used and shared across many different host applications. Integrated workflow between Orbolt and Houdini Asset Browser makes the process quick and easy. To improve the user experience, a new feature has been added to the Maya Engine Plugin. Just like Houdini, Maya users now have access to their own Orbolt Asset Browser!

It can be accessed by going to Houdini Engine menu and choosing Orbolt Asset Browser. This will open a new window that shows all the assets the user has downloaded. Using the asset is as easy as just clicking on the asset icon. This will instantiate the asset in the scene. The browser automatically keeps track of all the assets that the user downloads from Orbolt so they are available both in Houdini and in Maya versions.

Easy of use is an important factor in making Digital Assets accessible and fun to use in other applications through the Houdini Engine and its respective plugins. Let us know if you have any suggestions on how to improve the process even more.support@orbolt.com
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The Orbolt Smart 3D Asset Store is an asset marketplace that offers a whole new way to create animations and visual effects. Powered by Houdini, Orbolt assets are fully customizable and ready to animate and render once tweaked to meet your specifications.

At Orbolt, members of the global Houdini community apply their knowledge and expertise to deliver a comprehensive set of completely customizable 3D assets, from fully-rigged props, to render-ready visual effects, animatable characters, game assets and more.

Now you can access high-quality 3D assets from a community you can trust to keep your project on-time and on-budget.
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