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Shatter Volume
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The Shatter Volume tool provides the user with the ability to "cut" or "fracture" geometry using planes and primitives as guides. Planes cut similarly to the "carve" tool. Primitives cut similarly to the "Boolean" tool.   Where these cuts/fractures occur, the interior surfaces can have displacement and UVs inherited from the "cutting" geometry! Use the included defaults, or specify your own CVEX noise. Multiple cuts can be made on the same object.  Multiple cutting geometries can be used. Custom geometry can also be used, although you'll diminish one of this assets best features:  ** It's FAST and STABLE!** Thoughtfully organized groups for original geometry, interior surfaces, and exterior surfaces The resulting pieces of  fractured geometry can have individual names, so you can use expressions like $_NAME easily. Lots of controls for fracture such as distance from target, pieces area and probability. Visual feedback of fracture probability and fragments (individually colored, with UV texture display.) Also included is an example file with 6 different set-ups, each with a sticky note. Also some useful tips from the author thrown in to help get you started.
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