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Join our community to download and try various Houdini Digital Assets. Houdini Digital Assets have features (sliders, menus, etc.) for quick and specific adjustments. The level of customization is limitless for the author to decide what can be controlled.

Houdini Digital Assets are not restricted to just geometry: you can find effects, tools, shaders, environments and much more.

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Houdini 18.5 HIVE

WETA DIGITAL Joins Forces with SideFX!

Weta Digital, one of the world’s premiere visual effects studios, announced together with its partner SideFX, a new software service combining Weta’s proprietary tools within SideFX’s award-winning Houdini application. The WetaH partnership will enable unprecedented levels of creativity, allowing artists to take advantage of the deep integration between Houdini and Weta Digital’s award-winning technology.

Read more about it here.

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Houdini Hive Siggraph 2021

Houdini HIVE Siggraph 2021

Join us on August 10 at the Houdini HIVE SIGGRAPH for a full day of educational presentations. Register for SIGGRAPH and join these talks as they are being presented while interacting with fellow attendees. The HIVE presentations cover a range of topics including creature FX, USD and fractals.

Read more about it here.

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Absolute Post

The Dawning

Check out this amazing SideFX animated short utilizing Houdini 18.5 which introduces KineFX, a character toolset designed to provide a procedural foundation for retargeting, motion editing, and in future releases, rigging and animation. Set in the geometry context, these new workflows make rigging a fast, plug-and-play experience with unlimited flexibility and caching capabilities.

Watch the animated short here.

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Absolute Post

Absolute Post

Check out this feature where they discuss with SideFX about their recent work creating electricity effects for a Maserati ad, generating greeble-like transition effects in an Adidas ad that depict a real world environment changing to a virtual environment, and lastly how they created turbulent river rapids for an episode of the Outlander television series.

Watch the feature here.

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Embedded Licensing for Studios

Studios can now take the advantage of embedded licensing for Studio versions so that using assets on render farms and other work stations will be much easier.

Copy protected assets can now be manually downloaded and used due to the licenses embedded without hassle.

Studio version can be used for all purposes and allows usage over multiple machines. Copy-protected Studio versions do not need to be logged in when using the asset.

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Work Efficiently Smart

At Orbolt, members of the global Houdini community apply their knowledge and expertise to deliver a comprehensive set of completely customizable 3D assets, from fully-rigged props, to render-ready visual effects, animatable characters, game assets and more.

Now you can access high-quality 3D assets from a community you can trust to keep your project on-time and on-budget.

Work Lightning Fast

The Orbolt Smart 3D Asset Store is an asset marketplace that offers a whole new way to create animations and visual effects.

Powered by Houdini, Orbolt assets are fully customizable and ready to animate and render once tweaked to meet your specifications.

Become an Author

Join the Orbolt community and become a smart 3D asset author. Set your own prices and let Orbolt deliver your assets to the world.

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Houdini Animation Tools

Digital artists, like yourself, are being asked to create more and more animation and VFX shots, while achieving realistic results with tighter deadlines and shrinking resources. To handle the workload and keep focused on the creative process, it is time to go procedural with Houdini.

Houdini offers unprecedented levels of flexibility and control which will enhance the way you work creatively and make you and your team much more productive.

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Various Houdini Digital Assets have been designed to also work in other applications with the Houdini Engine plugin such as Maya, Unity 3D, Unreal Editor and Cinema 4D.