Become an author

Join the Orbolt community and become a smart 3D asset author. Set your own prices and let Orbolt deliver your assets to the world.

Smart 3D assets can be authored using either a commercial version of Houdini or the non-commercial Apprentice edition. This way, any artist with a good idea for an asset can easily make their work available.

Becoming an author is as easy as creating an account. You can login using an existing Facebook or OpenID account (Google, Yahoo) or register directly through Orbolt.

Create assets that can load into other digital content creation applications such as Autodesk® Maya®, Unity® and more!

You can also view the Asset Requests to see what other users are looking for and create assets based on their requirements.

Once you're logged in, read through the Asset Guidelines to make sure your asset is up to code and then upload for review. Begin Uploading an Asset!


  • Increase the efficiency of your work with procedural tools, effects and props.
  • 92% of each sale, after transaction fees
  • The ability to embed your assets within other assets, letting you earn a portion of the host's sales
  • Copy-protected assets protect your work by disabling users to view or edit your source
  • Sophisticated licensing that prevents illegal asset copying and enables secure trials
  • Tiered pricing for the different versions of Houdini
  • Create assets that can load into other digital content creation applications
Get Houdini:

The smart 3D assets used to power Orbolt are powered by the digital asset technology found in Houdini. Houdini is a full-featured 3D animation and visual effects software renowned for its procedural node-based workflow.

Download the free apprentice version of Houdini. To learn more, visit

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