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profile image Combined Playblasts Active   Requested by Tyler Britton
6 years ago

An asset that enables you to insert different values for parameters, and then it creates a playblast using them, which is them combined into one file. A good example is something like Pyro or Fluid settings, as you could look develop different values, and then see the results all at once in one video file.

24 votes
profile image Tree Building Tools Active   Requested by Nick Sullivan
5 years ago

Tool set to build, texture and animate trees, bushes, plants etc. something along the lines of speed tree functionality ( not asking too much )

8 votes
profile image Houdini Crowd Asset Active   Requested by Shaffi Mahammad
6 years ago

There should be a crowd asset from Houdini pipeline. All available crowd plugins are not that handy of what Houdini based OTL will be. There should be self collision with a path map and some controls for speed variation, motion offsets. It needs support Houdini Engine for Maya.

6 votes
profile image Ice Crystals Active   Requested by Haybyte Studios
6 years ago

Ice crystals and other crystals that can grow procedurally.

30 votes
profile image Bake Maps Active   Requested by varomix DaGreit
6 years ago

I would love to have a tool that help Baking Maps, like Illumination, Ambient occlusion, Normals, etc, that can me used in game engines.

0 votes
profile image Rayleigh Benard Convection Cells Active   Requested by Duy Nguyen
1 year ago

Hello hello, I'm a houdini newbie trying to recreate a fluid dynamic called Rayleigh-Benard Convection where in a fluid container there is a temperature gradient between the top and bottom layers. This gradient produces a flow that creates these beautiful cells to form that I want to render. References below: Any help or direction to go in with Houdini would be wonderful! Will pay for a working asset!

11 votes
profile image Flip fluid upres Active   Requested by Rod PNL
6 years ago

Please, someone make an asset to up-res an Flip simulation, in total, or in defined bbox areas. Thanks!