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Neil Dickson has uploaded version 3 of Number Text

Added example file, screenshots, description, and tags.

07 Mar
Neil Dickson has uploaded version 5 of Load Data Table

Updated icon to crisper 400x400 pixel image.

22 Dec
Neil Dickson has uploaded version 2 of Point Attribute Text

Added description, example HIP file, images, tags.

18 Dec

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gallery thumbnail Point Attribute Text
This asset creates text geometry for each point, where the text is from a point string attribute. (It runs the Font SOP on each point.) ... [more]
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gallery thumbnail Load Data Table
This tool gives many options for loading tabular data. It's more general than the Table Import SOP, with support for space-, tab-, and comma-separated data, ... [more]
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gallery thumbnail Maze Generator
Generates a grid-based maze, optionally bounded by geometry. By default, this generates a single-floor, grid-based, rectangular maze with no ceiling, no entrance/exit, and the default ... [more]
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