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3D Asset Details for Instance Attributes

Instance Attributes
**For more information look [here!](http://www.ryandowlingsoka.com/gallery/instancing-attributes-otl/)** A tool for quickly creating the attributes that control instances in Houdini. This is an easy bake oven style digital asset that used in the sop context will apply either randomized or constant attributes to individual points in a geometry container. These attributes automatically control the rotation, scale, translation, orientation, and geometry of instances in a scene. Some of these attributes are not human friendly by nature, such as orient and rot which are quaternion attributes for rotation. The instance_attr asset handles these by turning orient into an axis angle vector 4, and rot into a Euler rotation. Another main feature includes the ability to select a list of objects to automatically randomly disperse among all points being fed in. All of the applications of attributes are in VOPS, allow multi-threading and are very efficient. The interface is reminiscent of other attribute based SOPS, most notably the Point SOP and the Color SOP.
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