One Asset to Rule Them All!

Clarifying the upload structure. 3 Methods:

Being able to create Houdini Digital Assets is great, but thought should be given to their structure and hierarchy. There are multiple ways to build your assets. Here are some guidelines to help when creating digital assets and uploading them to Orbolt.

Method 1: Single asset per otl file; no dependencies

This is the simplest option as it keeps everything self-contained and easy to keep track of.

Method 2: Multiple assets per otl file; dependencies are 'private'

This option lets user include multiple asset definitions into a single otl file without having to worry about uploading each asset individually. The limitation is that only the main asset is visible on Orbolt and all of the dependencies are only usable inside the main asset type. The way this restriction is enforced is by using scoping mechanism in Houdini. The asset dependencies have asset type names prefixed with the main asset type eg. Object/Uberasset::dependentAsset.
Inside the top menu of Houdini, go to: Assets > Other Asset Tools > Embed Internal Assets
If you have an asset with another asset inside of it, and use 'Embed Internal Assets', it will put the internal asset inside the main one, and as a result the operator type will be object/mainasset::internalasset

Method 3: One asset per otl file; dependencies are assets from Orbolt

This option lets users build asset from other assets on Orbolt as dependencies. When you upload the otl file, the upload process will know that the dependencies are already in the store and only grab the main asset. The benefit is that if one of the dependencies gets updated the AssetBrowser in Houdini will automatically get the latest definition.
Please note, you must follow these steps in order to create the dependency chain:

1. The dependency will need to be first uploaded to the store and approved
2. Once approved, the dependency will need to be downloaded
3. Change all of the nodes in the main asset that were the old dependency to the downloaded version
4. Upload the main asset

*Not* Supported: Multiple assets per otl file; all assets are independent of each other

This is the only option that currently is not supported on Orbolt. One possible solution for the current restriction is to include needed assets in the hip file by writting 'Embedded' in the path of the asset Type Properties. When you save the hip file those definitions will be saved with it. The one thing to keep in mind about this method is that those assets will be only available when the hip file is loaded.
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