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gallery thumbnail Fast PolyReduce (Dev)
Fast PolyReduce SOP helps you to reduce the polycount of high resolution geometries in a very fast way, thanks to parallel processing. Features List: 1. ... [more]
$ 0.00
gallery thumbnail Crystals Generator
This very simple asset will help you to obtain completely random shapes of crystals among dozens of modifiable options. This asset works perfectly with Maya, ... [more]
$ 0.00
gallery thumbnail VDB_combine_cant
The asset helps you to do cool effect. It's fast very well. [more]
$ 5.00
gallery thumbnail Color Palette Ramp
A Houdini HDA that creates a ramp based on a color palette from an image. See GitHub link for full overview. https://github.com/jamesrobinsonvfx/colorpaletteramp Re-uploading to Orbolt ... [more]
$ 0.00