probiner has uploaded version 5 of CurveDeformPlus

Adressing licensing issues.

04 Jan
probiner has uploaded version 4 of CurveDeformPlus

Fixed parameters that became broken with new versions

18 Dec
probiner has uploaded version 2 of ProjectionSmooth

Mistakenly uploaded an older version the first time

12 Nov
18 Mar

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gallery thumbnail Range Sweep
Given a range, animate a transition gradient and control its span. [more]
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gallery thumbnail ConnectedElements
Given a geometry element (point, prim, vert) get a list of other elements associated with it and a list of attribute values in them. "NeighStyle" ... [more]
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gallery thumbnail ClosestPrimSmoothLocation
This SOP will conform points to a location on a polygonal mesh, either to the closest point, prim surface or the new smoothed version. It ... [more]
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gallery thumbnail NormalBias
Boxify Normals. Smoothly orient the normals to the longest axis. Hexplanar mapping masks. Each channel represents how much a color is scaled. Octant coordinates and ... [more]
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