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otk3244 has uploaded version 3 of Zero type21 v3

Fixed the bug of [set key].

21 Nov
otk3244 uploaded Pilot_V3
21 Nov
otk3244 has uploaded version 2 of Zero type21 v3

Changed youtube introduction video.

18 Nov

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gallery thumbnail Pilot_V3
I made a Japanese Navy pilot. Please board A6M2b (Zero Type 21). I referred to Michael Goldfarb's tutorial. The tutorial was carefully created and was ... [more]
$ 10.00 $ 18.00
gallery thumbnail Zero type21 v3
I made Zero Fighter. Five control panels are provided, and the following parts can be operated with switches and sliders: (1) Aircraft position and attitude, ... [more]
$ 5.00 $ 50.00

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