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gallery thumbnail Mesh blend
Mesh Blend is Houdini 16 HDA which is trying to re-assemble funcionality of NurbS style fillets, on polygon mesh. How it is working, what it ... [more]
$ 0.00
gallery thumbnail FGR wrinkles
Deforms geometry to add wrinkles. This node create wrinkles on clothes, skin or any point mesh. It uses an openCL solving to deform constraints generated ... [more]
$ 4.99
gallery thumbnail H123_Symmetry
Advanced symmetry tool. One axis symmetry with 360 degree freedom. Radial symmetry on x, y and z axis. Multiple features- presymetrize, bisect, create arcs, visualizing ... [more]
$ 4.00
gallery thumbnail Edge Flow
Adjust edge loops to fit surrounding curvature. It would be much easier to add detail to model while keeping shape. I also wrote a Python ... [more]
$ 0.00