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23 Aug

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gallery thumbnail ml MegaScans Scatter Setup
ml MegaScans Scatter Setup is a small tool I made to help with using MegaScans assets in Houdini, it also supports adding Redshift displacment parameters ... [more]
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gallery thumbnail ml_quickpipe
ml_QuickPipe is a HDA to quickly make pipes from selections / groups / curves. [more]
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gallery thumbnail Angle Between
Computes the angle between two vectors in degrees. [more]
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gallery thumbnail Point Cloud Volume
A CVEX volume procedural that generates volumes based on a point cloud file. Reads pscale and alpha attributes from file data and allows for randomizing ... [more]
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gallery thumbnail UV project along vector
A surface level node to project UVs on geometry along a vector. Offers various options to provide vectors to the tool and incorporates both "UVProject" ... [more]
$ 2.00
gallery thumbnail Creepy Points
Create points that move along the UV coordinates of a NURBS, Mesh, or Bezier surface. Features include wrapping as the points reach the ends, creating ... [more]
$ 1.00