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gallery thumbnail Compact Car
A fully rigged generic compact car. Features: Fully rigged: doors, hood, and truck open and close, wheels and steering wheel turn. Will follow a custom ... [more]
$ 0.00
gallery thumbnail Male Motion Capture
A male character with various animation mocap cycles (walk, run, zombie, limping, standing, swat feet, wait, walk backwards, salsa, breakdance). Each cycle comes with an ... [more]
$ 4.99
gallery thumbnail Vehicle Rig
An auto rig for vehicles. A quick setup with full animation controls that creates a brand new asset based on its settings. Includes animation controls ... [more]
$ 0.00
gallery thumbnail UM_BurstSmokeTrails
My try of quickly getting a setup of a trail layer for explosion to asset/tool ready for artists to tweak and get artistic look requested. ... [more]
$ 0.00