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09 Dec

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gallery thumbnail Pyro Torch
A flaming torch powered by Houdini's Pyro FX 2. Modify the fire appearance as well as the dynamic properties. Geometry can be hidden to use ... [more]
$ 0.00
gallery thumbnail Smoke Contrails
Generates smoke contrails based on a given emitter object. Render either volume or sprites. Controls include particle simulation parameters as well as volume and sprite ... [more]
$ 0.99
gallery thumbnail Splatter
A rig for throwing viscous fluid balls at a surface, simulating the visual effect of splattering a camera lens (default) or custom geometry. Three sample ... [more]
$ 0.00
gallery thumbnail Stone Fieldstone Wall
This is a Fieldstone Wall Material, it has a rough texture, imitating a natural fieldstone wall. It is built with the standard mantra surface shader. ... [more]
$ 0.00