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gallery thumbnail Probability distribution
This asset allows you to randomize attributes based on a probability distribution. Houdini's random point function will generate a random number between 0 and 1, ... [more]
$ 2.00 $ 4.00
gallery thumbnail Magic Normals
This asset calculates normals on points without the need for a well defined surface or the use of SDF fields. Each particle is assigned a ... [more]
$ 1.00 $ 3.00
gallery thumbnail surf Tension
surf Tension is a micro solver which adds surface tension forces to a FLIP simulation. This allows you to create cool droplet effects and crown ... [more]
$ 0.00 $ 100.00
gallery thumbnail Evolving L-System
Evolving L-systems is a highly versatile tool developed for growth animations of trees and vines though useful for many different effects such as streaks and ... [more]
$ 5.00 $ 50.00

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