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gallery thumbnail TdG UVrelax
TdG UVrelax This tool will try to improve UV attributes to better match their accompanying polygons. That way texture stretching can be reduced. The tool ... [more]
$ 1.00 $ 5.00
gallery thumbnail 2D Polywire
2D_Polywire, created in H13.0.314, by Twan de Graaf 2D_Polywire is a tool to create polygon strips along input curves, much like possible with a sweep. ... [more]
$ 1.00 $ 5.00
gallery thumbnail TdG UVgen
This tool allows procedural UVmapping and texturing of Houdini nodes and model files. The UVmap generation is optimized for angular, low-poly, symmetrical objects. Such as ... [more]
$ 5.00 $ 50.00

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