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Kinemagician has uploaded version 3 of HFCollide

- Added screenshot for the asset. - Improved description.

07 May
Kinemagician has uploaded version 2 of HFCollide

Changed Commercial to Copy Protected.

07 May
06 May
Kinemagician : Feedbacks are welcomed..
05 May
Kinemagician has uploaded version 2 of SDFCollide

fixed a bug..added friction and inherit velocity

02 May

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gallery thumbnail HFCollide
The HFCollider uses image maps containing world position and Normal information as collision objects. It allows you to see particle collision effect on displaced geometry ... [more]
$ 4.99 $ 10.00
gallery thumbnail SDFCollide
pop Collider force using bounce and slide friction and inherit velocity. file or sop must have velocity in order to inherit enjoy! [more]
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