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danylyon has uploaded version 9 of PBR Skin

fixed the link

17 Feb
danylyon has uploaded version 17 of PBR layered Material

fixed the link

17 Feb
danylyon has uploaded version 15 of PBR layered Material

displacement now supports UDIM H14 asset

15 Oct
danylyon has uploaded version 6 of PBR Skin

H14 version, fixed some faceting problems.

30 Mar
danylyon has uploaded version 14 of PBR layered Material

Fixed some minor error in the example file.

29 Jan

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gallery thumbnail PBR Skin
This is a skin shader for Mantra PBR. It uses it’s own ray traced SSS function. It's written in VEX and has all the features ... [more]
$ 18.00 $ 60.00
gallery thumbnail PBR layered Material
This is a PBR only shader, created for realism. It’s ideal for complex and realistic surfaces, such as metal, paint, wood, cloth, stone, rubber, glass, ... [more]
$ 0.00 $ 60.00

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