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Cameron Walser Ocean with Spray / Foam FlipTank attached... Requested by: Cameron Walser
3 years, 7 months ago
Can anyone build this in Houdini? Set up so that you just need to drag your static object boat around, and the foam/spray gets calculated in a Flip tank, and rendered with the underlying ocean?
Nick Sullivan Tree Building Tools Requested by: Nick Sullivan
4 years ago
Tool set to build, texture and animate trees, bushes, plants etc. something along the lines of speed tree functionality ( not asking too much )
Talens80 Dome camera for c4d Requested by: Talens80
4 years ago
Spherical camera for c4d that works with physical/standard renderer.Similar function to vray dome camera.
William Crowe City Generator Requested by: William Crowe
4 years, 1 month ago
What happened to CityGen? Would like something like that created again, more advanced but as it was, it was a quick and dirty way to check shading.
Aktion Cave generators Requested by: Aktion
4 years, 5 months ago
Would be great to have a caves generator: you set splines and you get a procedurally generated caves something like this
Robert Garcia An easy to use Measure tool Requested by: Robert Garcia
4 years, 7 months ago
I would like to have an asset to measure the world space between any two points. You should be able to toggle between inches, feet, meters etc. with a simple dropdown. Helps me gauge real world size. It could work very similarly to mayas distance tool.
xiao An UV unfold tool Requested by: xiao An
4 years, 9 months ago
Like UNFOLD3D , have Advanced algorithm. At lest it must have "Least squares conformal map (LSCM)" algorithm. Houdini never have LSCM uv tool. Procedure modeling is very inconvenient.
 tinyparticle Physically Accurate Real Life Material Kit for Mantra Requested by: tinyparticle
4 years, 12 months ago
A full package of physically accurate (energy conserving) procedural mantra materials would be great to have. Each material could have procedural displacement maps and parametric attributes in order to give artistic freedom and also be ready to use. It may contain woods, metals, plastics, organic surfaces, rough surfaces etc. I believe no other software package has such a backbone as houdini to achieve a procedural diversity in a material asset package.
 dobermunk bird autorig Requested by: dobermunk
5 years ago
an autorig for the typical issues encountered in a bird rig asset, flexible enough to cover hummingbirds and ostriches. Slots for manually modeled flight feathers, IK/FK head and neck with manully determined number of control points, wing open/close poses that can be then tweaked so that they fit in pose.
Xsuperkraft . HDR LIGHT STUDIO + "Localized HDR Lighting Solution" Requested by: Xsuperkraft .
5 years ago
Toolset for 1) creating virtual HDR Lightsetups similar to the Hdrlightstudio and 2) a smart asset for an HDR workflow, like SPI "localized HDR Lighting" (which is the extraction of very light areas of an HDR Image including the possibilty to position these extracted area lights localized in 3D scene) A smart asset solution could enhance and add to the classical HDR workflow.
Tyler Britton Combined Playblasts Requested by: Tyler Britton
5 years ago
An asset that enables you to insert different values for parameters, and then it creates a playblast using them, which is them combined into one file. A good example is something like Pyro or Fluid settings, as you could look develop different values, and then see the results all at once in one video file.
Eric Lindell LOD manager Requested by: Eric Lindell
5 years ago
A tool that automatically creates decimated meshes and resizes textures based on the camera distance or user specifications.
Shaffi Mahammad Houdini Crowd Asset Requested by: Shaffi Mahammad
5 years ago
There should be a crowd asset from Houdini pipeline. All available crowd plugins are not that handy of what Houdini based OTL will be. There should be self collision with a path map and some controls for speed variation, motion offsets. It needs support Houdini Engine for Maya.
 tricecold Auto Collision Mesh Creation and Validation Tool Requested by: tricecold
5 years ago
It is very common to see many TDs trying to optimize their collision meshes. Most people and new users tends to use only the Shelf tools to make collision geo, but in most cases the default settings are not enough either the SDF wont have enough res or wont cover the geo etc, Then we go the VDB way convert to VDB add the fields, connect it to the solver etc. Change the Volume to -1 all the other stuff. What I am suggesting is to have a Tool that outputs an accurate representation of the Collision Geometry that would work on whatever solver is requesting it. With easy way to visualize it.
Amion Paint Effects Requested by: Amion
5 years ago
A procedural paint assets where you can paint brush strokes on surfaces or in the viewport that generate geometry based on preset settings. This can be used to make trees on ground, flowers, grass, hair, buildings or whatever you like. The idea is that the asset comes with a couple of good presets with customizable attributes but it should also be easy to create your own presets and share it with the community.

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