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SideFX has uploaded version 6 of Flamethrower

fixed up fulidshape paths for shader fields

27 Nov
SideFX has uploaded version 3 of Rocky Ground

Added video URL Added controls for "Hole"

27 Nov
SideFX has uploaded version 18 of Compact Car

Support for Maya and C4D

10 May
10 Mar
SideFX has uploaded version 2 of Geoboil

Updated tags and description.

08 Sep

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gallery thumbnail Strech Compress Feedback
This asset will measure the amount of deformation (streching or compression) the geometry undergoes and visualize it with colors. Additional deformation can be added based ... [more]
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gallery thumbnail Foam
This asset will generate foam based on a fluid simulation. It will examine the source particles and based on things like speed/acceleration/curvature/voriticity it will create ... [more]
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gallery thumbnail Mesher
This asset will take incoming point geometry or particle data and create a mesh surface. The controls allow refinement of the mesh density as well ... [more]
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gallery thumbnail Flip Fountain
This asset creates a fountain flip fluid setup. Controls include various emission properties for the water as well as the foam. It includes a default ... [more]
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gallery thumbnail Pyro Nuke
A nuclear explosion using Houdini's Pyro FX 2. Modify sim resolution, cache it to disk and adjust the overall hue and tint of the mushroom ... [more]
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orbolt_friend: I like the way the fence asset looks. Will you be updating it soon?
30 Jul
SideFX: Thanks for posting on my profile and establishing a dialogue, everyone.
11 Jun
Nick Bush: Thanks for all the great assets. You could say you're a real "asset" to the Houdini community, haha!
11 Jun