Batch Import Of Photoscanned RDT Textures

Requested by: Ascensi

I've been looking for an importer that can import libraries of Real Displacement Textures. There should be something universal -game engines have them, Mari has their own for RDT etc Usually the importer will allow you to specify a naming convention with for example anything that has _nm or _normalmap will be read from the textures and automatically imported for the right channel(s) I have thousands of textures not only from RDT but others as well and it would be insane to import them all 1 by 1. With RDT correct displacement levels should be applied. With RDT textures the naming convention is a suffix of _AO_8k.jpg Bump_8K.jpg _COLOR_8k.jpg _HI-GLOSS_8k.jpg (metallic) _NORMAL_8k.jpg _ROUGHNESS_8k.jpg _DEPTH_8k.tif Displacement is greybased .5 displaced inward & outward.
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