bird autorig

Requested by: dobermunk

an autorig for the typical issues encountered in a bird rig asset, flexible enough to cover hummingbirds and ostriches. Slots for manually modeled flight feathers, IK/FK head and neck with manully determined number of control points, wing open/close poses that can be then tweaked so that they fit in pose.
dobermunk 9 years ago
let me know if anyone is working on something like this and would like feedback.... ie. number of cervical vertebrae (upwards of 13) making them very flexible and largely fused pelvis - making for a very stiff spine in comparison with mammals. It would be great to have such an autorig, especially as it would also cover theropod dinosaurs.
DragonDawn 5 years ago
A bird autorig would be great to have for any winged species like aliens, dinos, dragons,etc. not just birds!
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