Pavel Geraskin
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Pavel Geraskin has uploaded version 6 of Attribute Copy Topology

fix attrib change

28 Aug
Pavel Geraskin has uploaded version 3 of Bend Plus

Fix for Houdini 18

31 Jul
Pavel Geraskin has uploaded version 11 of Uv layout plus

fix uv transfer mode

29 May
Pavel Geraskin has uploaded version 10 of Uv layout plus

Now there are 2 modes. It;s possible to copy and transfer UVs

24 Jan
Pavel Geraskin has uploaded version 5 of Attribute Copy Topology

Small fix

17 Jan

Newest Assets

gallery thumbnail Texel density
This is Texel Density calculation tool. The same tool as in Blender . It creates Prim Attribute "texel_density" and detail attributes "texel_density_min", "texel_density_av", "texel_density_max". This ... [more]
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gallery thumbnail Simple Gear
Just another simple gear. H17.5+ [more]
$ 0.00 $ 0.00
gallery thumbnail Unbevel V2
This is an experimental modeling tool to change bevel. Just like in MeshMachine tool in Blender. Also, check Unbevel V1 . Line Plane Intersection and ... [more]
$ 0.00 $ 0.00
gallery thumbnail Seams Cheater
A simple tool to cheat seams. It works like in Decal Machine Seem my video with explanations how the asset works. The asset will work ... [more]
$ 0.00 $ 0.00
gallery thumbnail VDBFusion
VDBfusion is a procedural modeling toolkit, kinda like Meshfusion for Modo. I always thought Meshfusion was a great concept, but it's only available for Modo. ... [more]
$ 0.00
gallery thumbnail Ud Disk Cache
A quick way to save your bgeo into hard disk. Use it as the cache node. It will render the inputs nodes as bgeo files ... [more]
$ 0.00
gallery thumbnail Cut By Grid
This tool can cut geo by a grid. [more]
$ 0.00
gallery thumbnail V_rex
V-rex model intended for commercials,productions and general use full resolution body with texture full rigged and advanced rig control. [more]
$ 20.00
victim007: test
11 Jun