Paul Geraskin
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Paul Geraskin has uploaded version 7 of Simple GOZ

rotation for objects is added

27 Aug
Paul Geraskin has uploaded version 7 of Edit Radial Falloff

Group selection fix

19 Jul
Paul Geraskin has uploaded version 4 of Unbevel V2

some improvements at vop

11 Jul
Paul Geraskin has uploaded version 7 of Uv layout plus

Fix for nonuniform uv shells

26 Jun
Paul Geraskin has uploaded version 4 of Attribute Copy Topology

fix for split edges

25 Jun

Newest Assets

gallery thumbnail Simple Gear
Just another simple gear. H17.5+ [more]
$ 0.00 $ 0.00
gallery thumbnail Unbevel V2
This is an experimental modeling tool to change bevel. Just like in MeshMachine tool in Blender. Also, check Unbevel V1 . Line Plane Intersection and ... [more]
$ 0.00 $ 0.00
gallery thumbnail Seams Cheater
A simple tool to cheat seams. It works like in Decal Machine Seem my video with explanations how the asset works. The asset will work ... [more]
$ 0.00 $ 0.00
gallery thumbnail Bend Plus
My simplified version of the Bend Node. This is just a wrapper to feel the way like in Modo and remove things like UpVector, DirectionVector. [more]
$ 0.00 $ 0.00
gallery thumbnail Poly Curves From Edges
Creates polygonal curves from an edge group where point order of the curves will be in the same direction as the point order of each ... [more]
$ 0.00
gallery thumbnail Reorient
Rotates the input geometry from the source normal onto the target normal. Advantages of this operator over the built-in Match Axis SOP are: Supports Quadric ... [more]
$ 0.00
gallery thumbnail Sort Curve
Reorders the points of curves to follow the curve. [more]
$ 0.00
gallery thumbnail Spiral
Creates 2d/3d, logarithmic and spherical spirals. [more]
$ 0.00
victim007: test
11 Jun