Powered by Houdini!

Powered by Houdini!
Side Effects has announced immediate availability of the experimental Houdini Engine plug-ins for Maya and Unity.

These plug-ins serve as a bridge to all of the power of Houdini from Maya or Unity. They load Houdini Digital Assets into other software packages, with full access to the assets' parameters and procedural power. You can author assets in Houdini and load them in, or simply download assets others have created without knowing how to use Houdini.

These experimental plug-ins are free for a limited time. During this limited time period they will also load in assets created using Houdini Apprentice, which is also available for free.

Just as the plug-ins are connections to Houdini, Orbolt is the vital link to assets. It offers a central location for users to get and share their Houdini digital creations. The site offers a quick and efficient way to find assets that are designed to be used with the Houdini Engine and the respective plug-ins.

But we're not done yet! It's just a first step: the plug-ins are still in an early experimental form, and you have the opportunity to guide their development. The next step is to gather feedback to improve the workflow and user experience. This is your chance as asset authors and users to tell us at support@orbolt.com how you think the process can be enhanced. Ultimately all of these tools are designed to help you become faster and more efficient, and to make the creation process more enjoyable.
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