More Holiday Submissions

Holiday Challenge Submissions

Sounds like a wrestling move, looks like peace and goodwill to's a contest!
We've opened up the forum so that users can now upload images HERE . The Prize for best entry is a 1 year Apprentice HD subscription!

What are the contest details?
Simple, just create a holiday themed image using Houdini. Then post the results on the forum .
Or if you prefer, you can email them directly to

To make it even easier, we've posted several holiday assets to get you going.

(full image on the forum)

Want the file? Feel free to play with this author's Ornaments! Here's the hip file.
You'll need the Ornament , Pinetree and Screenshot Assets.
Here are the source images:

Fabric Colormap
Fabric Bumpmap

Here's a preview of one sent in via!

Keep 'em coming and claim your prize!

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