Uploading Dependencies via Author Tools

Have we got dependency issues?

Not unless you consider innovation a dependency... This post is a follow-up to Part1 on upload via the Asset Author Tools RMB menu.

Use other assets in your own

We've noticed that some authors are beginning to use store assets within their own, bigger assets. This is pretty cool because it lets us build upon each others work! It does raise a few speed bumps however. The most common issue with this is how to handle these dependent assets.

Previously, in part 1 of this tip, we outlined how to skip a few steps when uploading your assets to the store by using the Author Tools RMB menu.

The image below shows a convenient way to upload assets with dependencies, directly from Houdini. One of the virtues of this method, is that it handles all the renaming, installing, and referencing of the dependency assets.

Upload the lowest-level assets first, and work your way to the top.

Once you have all you dependencies uploaded to the store, save your hip file to use and example file.

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