Asset Author Tools; Upload Tips

Special tools make authoring easier!

A while back one of the developers published some Asset Author Tools to help artists create assets. There are some little-known advantages to using these tools that I'd like to share with you.
The main advantages are
  • Upload directly from Houdini
  • Embed extra files, (automates opdef commands)
  • Handles renaming of asset to unique "store namespace" version for you.
First, see the installation tips here .

Direct upload from with Houdini lets you skip a few steps!!

With the Asset Author Tools installed, you can just RMB over and asset that you are working on and you'll see some new commands available. Notice the "Upload to Orbolt Asset Store..."

Uploading this way will:
  • Prompt you to login at the store
  • Scan your file
  • Open the upload dialogue (leave it open for now)
  • Send you back to Houdini
  • Install the store version of the asset into your hip file

Now is the perfect time to save the hip file as an example file.

The store version of your asset has your user account name appended to it. It now replaces the original asset. The hip file can now be saved as an example file to upload. Use the "Browse" button on the upload dialogue to include this file with you upload.

The last thing you'll need is an icon, about 500x500 pixels square to showcase your asset. Screen-shots and YouTube or Video URLs are also great to have, but you can easily add them later.
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