How to add inputs to your asset

Author Tip: Asset inputs

Asset authors need to predict how their assets will be used, and expose all the right functionality to their customers. One of the most basic, and occasionally overlooked features, is the simple ability to allow the asset to be parented to other objects.

By default, you can parent to an asset, but not make a child of it (parent it to another object).
This is simple enough to change though.

Change The Default Input Value

Basic tab and change the maximum inputs to 1. This will add an input to your asset node. You can see this change in the network view.

Set The Output Transform

Now that your asset can be parented, you can optionally specify ANY node in your asset to be used as the transform. By default "input1" is used, which will be the top of your hierarchy. Usually this is what you want.
Occasionally, it's useful to specify something different, perhaps lower down the hierarchy.

e.g. A specific transform node with a custom pivot point.

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