Holiday Card Assets
Posted on Dec 11, 2012

    Holiday Card Asset Challenge

    Celebrating the holidays is getting easier. Our designers have made you these customizable greeting cards!

    In the previous post we gave you some of the pieces, now we've bundled 'em up for you.
    Check out the Decorated Tree , and the Holiday Card
    These assets are totally customizable...and a free!

    Post your images too!

    Try these assets and make a card. Then show your work HERE .
    Stay tuned...we'll be announcing prizes for the best posts!

    Now you've got no excuse not to send that special someone a nice, totally original Holiday card!


    As always, you can post your comments, and let us know what you think on the Forum .

Holiday challenge update!
Posted on Dec 05, 2012

    We decorated the tree over the weekend.

    But we're still deciding what belongs underneath. Maybe it you could use your personal touch. Rudolph and Santa had the weekend off and the designers here began decorating the tree in their absence. This scene was made with the tree, ornaments, and giftbox assets...Still needs toys though!
    If you'd like to give it a try, first download these three assets (They're free!)
    ... and then install them into this scene file.

    Note that the scene takes about 70 sec. to load. To install these into the scene, go to your asset browser, RMB over the 3 assets (Pinetree, Giftbox,and Ornament) and "Install OTL Only"

    Also, feel free to post your feedback, requests, and images on the Forum

Holiday Challenge is warming up as December approaches!
Posted on Dec 11, 2012

    Holiday Challenge is warming up as December approaches!

    Q: How do we QA Holiday-themed assets? A:We make greeting cards that you can customize! Yes, we're going to be posting everything you need to create your own Holiday card...and we sincerely hope that you can find some way to add your own bizarre twist to it. Stay tuned for our updated works-in-progress.

    Submissions Here

    Also, feel free to post your feedback, requests, and images on the Forum

Houdini Versions, Orbolt Assets, and You!
Posted on Nov 23, 2012

    Houdini Versions, Orbolt Assets and You!

    This post covers the differences between Houdini/Houdini Apprentice when creating Orbolt assets.

    Below is a handy chart highlighting the major features of each version of Houdini Apprentice.

    One of the requirements of Apprentice version is that the software be used for non commercial work only. The good news is that it sill can be used to create assets that can be sold commercially on the Orbolt website! Any assets created with Houdini Apprentice or Houdini Apprentice HD will be converted at upload stage to fully commercial format. This lets anyone download Houdini Apprentice for free and start creating assets without any cost.

    The author decides if they want to give away the asset for free or charge for it. If the asset has a set price, an automatic Trial version will be available. This allows users to download and try the asset for 3 days free of charge. The time starts at the moment of download. It gives everyone a chance to play with the assets in the store, without any risk. Once the trial expires the user can choose to purchase the asset if they would like to continue to use it.

    Any assets that are sold will have two prices that the users can choose from. The Apprentice version, which will usually be cheaper to fall in line with Houdini Apprentice/HD pricing. This version can be used for non commercial projects and will taint the Houdini session into non commercial format. The commercial version of the asset can be used without any restrictions for commercial or non commercial projects.

    Any questions or concerns don't hesitate to ask at:

Holiday Contest is coming!
Posted on Nov 16, 2012
    What, holiday season already!?
    30 minutes after Halloween ends, the holiday ornaments start coming out. Sheesh!
    We're holding off a little...

    Never one to miss the boat, the Asset store will be hosting a holiday challenge with a twist. Check-in towards the end of November and get your jingle bells on.

    We're going to give you a way to share a holiday greeting Orbolt style! Stay tuned for previews on the forum and FB.

Updates to the Orbolt Smart 3D Asset store, Nov 8th.
Posted on Nov 09, 2012

    Don't launder your money, clear your cache! Yes we've updated the server to roll in some new features: Version history, enhanced uploads, and copy-protection for free assets. Upload your otl file and see what's new!

    Version History:
    Now when you upload or update an asset, you can new describe what changes you have made since the last version. This information is visible every Asset's page in the Orbolt Asset store, and will soon be available inside Houdini when you're prompted to update an asset.

    Copy Protection for Free Assets:
    Authors are now able to copy-protect free assets, should they desire. Until now, only paid assets could be copy-protected. Now, you can still give your asset away for free but hide how it works.

    Upload Enhancements:
    The upload page has been redesigned and streamlined to make it easier to upload assets. Managing icons has been simplified, especially when the otl file contains an icon that is different from the previous version's icon.

Please Upgrade to Houdini 12.1.119 or Higher
Posted on Oct 30, 2012
    Houdini 12.1.119 fixes a bug related to checking for asset updates when one of the assets you have installed was removed from the store.

Coming soon:
Posted on Oct 19, 2012
    Coming soon:  Version history for your assets, a redesign of the upload page. Also be sure to use the latest version of houdini for all the latest fixes!

New assets: New Railway builder, new shaders, plus some cool utilities. A lot of these files are open for viewing so you can learn how the author put them together.
Posted on Oct 12, 2012
    What makes weekends great...(besides sleeping in)? It's when most authors upload their work! Check out the latest assets!

Including an example file gets faster activation.
Posted on Sep 27, 2012
    Authors: Including an example makes activation faster. Be sure to include a hip file when you upload your assets. This makes it much easier and faster to review and QA. Your customers will appreciate it too!

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